Vallabh Govind Namshikar
b. 1984

True-blue Goan Vallabh Govind Namshikar can also be called part-historian, part-artist. He records quintessential Goa and its original culture through his paintings. He is fascinated and enamoured by each of the aspects that collectively make Goa what it is. His frames capture the Goan life of the yester years and the present and its natural beauty with aplomb.

His works titled ‘Lost Culture’ are reminiscent of a past Goa, its culture and the vocations Goans used to keep. Those quaint symbols which are being threatened by the influx of western and modern contemporary lifestyle are captured in vivid colours. The decorative elements, so identifiable with the Indian tradition of painting, with their creative patterns and subtle, visually stimulating textures percolate into his works to enhance the aesthetic as well as contextual value of it. Namshikar has been successful in recreating architectural nuances, traditional motifs and ethnic practices with equal flair. It is as though his works are preserving what the true essence of Goa is, especially when one looks at ‘Ghode Modni’, ‘Goff’, ‘Taranga’ and many such visually beautiful and contextually rich cultural extractions from the Goan cultural landscape.

His other works which at the moment are untitled, feature the Goa that the tourists see: traditional fishing trawlers named after local saints and Gods huddled together, the beaches and other mundane yet romantic elements. It is probably his treatment that makes the elements on his canvas stand out. Namshikar does not like to limit his imagination for the limits prescribed by one medium and therefore seeks and employs various media he deems appropriate to give his works that crisp, neat appeal. Goa sure is lucky to have Namshikar.

Burma Rising

April 29th – May 14th 2017

Burma Rising | First Contemporary Art Show from Myanmar in Boston

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