Tapati Sarkar
b. 1950

Tapati Sarkar has been one of the most prominent female artists of the modern Indian art of the post-eighties. She stands among those few artists to have established themselves in a contemporary timeline in that era. In her works, Sarkar touches upon the underlying social reality of a time which can almost be classified as common national character when considering the lives and engagements the working class have had back then.
Tapati Sarkar features the society, its movements and its people in her works. Her men and women are drawn with references to the common man and their struggles. Sometimes the struggles are represented in the action figures, sometimes by the representation of their mere moods.
Irrespective of which of her works you are in the presence of, you will be captivated by the bold lines that make up the characters. The lines rein in feelings, emotions, sound and silence with in them. You can hear the characters, experience their times and lives and listen to their minds’ chatter as if they are there for real.
She holds a bachelor degree in arts from the University of Kolkata. Her works have been at the core of many group shows around the country. Sarkar’s solo exhibitions have been a well-attended affair. Sarkar has contributed to newspapers, periodicals & television. She also has high interests in the tourism sector.
Emancipation of women against any domination is her specialization. Her works rightly reflect her beliefs of women’s liberation as well. Be it in the lone woman who can hold you in her stare or one in the goddess’ form with a trident, the power of the woman portrayed is never easily forgotten by anyone who has been in the presence of her works.

Burma Rising

April 29th – May 14th 2017

Burma Rising | First Contemporary Art Show from Myanmar in Boston

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