Rekha Rao

Rekha Rao
b. 1947

Rekha Rao is the Queen of metaphoric depictions and is by her own admission, her greatest critic and interpreter. Her inherited love for colours and deep set understanding of pictorial space are discernible in her every work.
Rekha allows her paintings to set their own rules which is also her success. She doesn’t force fit anything into a frame. She allows them freedom to express themselves fully or through several different veils much like the inspirations behind her works – birds and clouds. She looks upon both these elements as free souls in a shroud that makes it difficult for the commoner to get a grip on what they really are. To her, clouds and birds speak freedom like none other, they express like none other. Her works feature what she sees everyday which may be a parrot or a passing cloud in spring, but when she translates them onto canvas, they acquire a different meaning and depth.
Rekha Rao may have picked up the nuances of painting from her artist father. But her works, even in their earliest days, were her own sensibilities and observations. Deep and bright colors standing alongside the muted, subtle browns and greys, the loud yet biding abstraction, the lack of detail and an ethereal presence of it by interpretation – Rekha Rao is among the rare talent that has the eccentricity and genius to pull it together.

Burma Rising

April 29th – May 14th 2017

Burma Rising | First Contemporary Art Show from Myanmar in Boston

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