Ram Viranjan
b. 1964

If Ram Viranjan were an activist, he would argue for ‘one world’, a place where man, birds, animals and flora live in absolute harmony with each other. He would preach to share in his fantasy world where everyone is equal. Ram Viranjan’s works are based on the harmony he fantasies in this world. He is a strong propagator of a peaceful world and every canvas from his collection speak the same language.

Ram Viranjan’s characters are seen to exist in harmony with other living beings. His images are deeply impacted by depictions from ancient Indian history, mythology and folklore as well as those from west Asia presented to the viewer in a very contemporary manner. However, none of his images stand for any social or ritualistic stigmas attached to the forms rendered therein. What is remarkable in his works is the sense of peace and joy that his characters exude. Also remarkable are the intricacies that he weaves into the body of his works – be it in the fabric draped by his characters, the background, the delicate tattoo work on his characters’ body parts, the inculcation of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural symbols in a manner that they never conflict each other but complement each other… The sharp lines, the addition of dominant flora and fauna and decorative motifs in Ram Viranjan’s work surprisingly add only more simplicity and clarity to his canvases.

His presentation of the natural habitat is a treat to the eyes. His sense of colour and the depth he manages to achieve through the use of minimal colours creates breath-taking results and adds volumes to his presentations. Seek Ram Viranjan’s works for a moment in of peace and sense of belonging in this fast-paced and self-indulgent world.

Burma Rising

April 29th – May 14th 2017

Burma Rising | First Contemporary Art Show from Myanmar in Boston

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