R Rajkumar Sthabathy
b. 1975

Human emotions look and feel magical in R Rajkumar Sthabathy’s paintings; no one is impassive and are often seen depicting some form of sentiment. His works narrate the thoughts of people you meet on the street, like the old women selling flowers, auto rickshaw drivers, school children, the milkman or old men sporting turbans and big moustaches. Using primarily water colours he brings out the different expressions, moods and emotions of people. There is a scene, skill and technique throughout his artwork.

“When I paint, I want people to understand and look at the magnitude of emotions that these portraits depict. The wide smile of a street vendor, the lost expression of a priest, the reminiscing face of a woman and the happy laugh of a child. These aren’t just portraits, it a window into the myriad of human emotions. There is a huge tidal wave of change taking place in our society, these people are not a part of it and I see them to be the conservators of our culture. To me, emotions are what make a man human. Lacking that, he is living a lie and not fulfilling his purpose. My paintings show just the tip of the iceberg of an ocean of innumerable emotions.”

Burma Rising

April 29th – May 14th 2017

Burma Rising | First Contemporary Art Show from Myanmar in Boston

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