Poonam Chandrika Tyagi
b. 1964

A woman is a lot of things – she is a feeling, a joy, strength, ferocity and a lot of emotions; she is love, lust, kindness, erotica… And she will express her likes and dislikes, desires and feelings in ways unpredictable. This unpredictability of a woman is what drew artist Poonam to be enchanted by her.

Poonam’s women speak a variety of emotions. The non-verbal communication Poonam establishes through her subjects is downright bold and interesting because not many present women as openly expressing her innermost feelings with such audacity. Poonam’s women are many things but not demure. The artist chooses to shatter all confines and boundaries in showcasing her female subjects in their elements. She lends her subjects interesting lines achieving curvy forms, lusty eyes and pleasured expressions, which are a huge departure from all the societal norms for feminity and those rules of being a ‘woman’.

Her works are a graceful combination of Indian tradition, myths and erotic passion. There is a breath of freedom of love and expression. There is also a very tactful introduction of animals like the tiger, cat and bull which reinforce her subjects’ strength adding to the drama opening up on the canvas and fragile birds that uniquely point to tender feelings like love and kindness.

Poonam’s works mark a profound comeback in the celebration of the aura of a woman.

Burma Rising

April 29th – May 14th 2017

Burma Rising | First Contemporary Art Show from Myanmar in Boston

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