L N Rana
b. 1964

L N Rana is a sculptor and painter.

Rana’s works are of modern living, of people’s lives, moods, conflicts and of the restraints placed on them by space and time. He creates in modernist strokes strong characters,of men and women, who lend weight to his paintings. He brings more prominence to his characters and their story by the clever use of subtle colours and a rather shrewd hint of the characters’ ambience. This treatment gives his method of story-telling, a definition, narrative and insight that very few artists of the genre have achieved.

Love, living and divergences are sustained themes of his work. His paintings are stories well-begun. The viewer is free to interpret the flow and the end.He understands the random and brings meaning to them by linking them with hints of history or perhaps, mythology.

Rana’s paintings share their soul with his sculptures as well. They draw from each other and yet these two bodies of work have a quality and appeal that are different from the other. How a singular theme can develop into a whole story on canvas and how an object from the same canvas can become a sculpture that is void of the length and breadth of the story and breathes only of a moment captured, is a miracle probably only Rana can achieve.

Burma Rising

April 29th – May 14th 2017

Burma Rising | First Contemporary Art Show from Myanmar in Boston

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