B Venkatesan
b. 1984

Nature is the main source of inspiration for B Venkatesan whose journey in the art sphere was independent and self taught. Listening and observing how the senior artists work, he created his own style. Everyday activities, often regarded as ‘mundane’ is what he prefers to work as her believes that there is much more to it than what it really is. He sees a woman decorating the floor by with a kolam or the old man who reads his morning paper over a cup of tea, in a completely new perspective. According to him, everyday life is what completes the bigger picture.

“In all my paintings, I use a golden sheen of iridescent light that transforms a simple everyday scene or object into something divine .Apart from contemporary influences, I like to manipulate light the way Vermeer or Rembrandt used in their paintings. Light is what brings the life into my paintings which is why you will find a lot of yellows, ochre and gold,” says B Venkatesan. “While my themes maybe mundane to the viewer, it is the life of people that I paint. To them, it is a routine and this forms their lives. As an artist with no prior training, I want to explore more themes but as every artist in the past, I start from nature and my surroundings that complete me”.

Burma Rising

April 29th – May 14th 2017

Burma Rising | First Contemporary Art Show from Myanmar in Boston

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