Anamika V
b. 1975

People who know Anamika, the artist concur on one thing – that she does not attempt to create any artificial divide between art and craft. Her art is graceful and deep, like her. And her renditions are eye-openers at different levels, breaking away myths about the mixing of different media, amplitude of strokes, the use of colour, texture, pattern and above all, concepts. Observing her two completely different series, ‘I see what I draw’ and ‘More Than Once’, which have one underlying concept is probably the finer way to understand her craft.

The ‘I see what I draw series’ is a personal journey. She describes her journey thus: “Trying to see how I am linked to this world around, the time andspace which connects me to the ‘other’ in million ways, it’s the happening which counts the most, the only choice is to participatein it, layers and layers of ‘details’, admiring the subtle fragile attributes of how everything is constructed, the fascinating mysteryit possesses with a specific purpose… drifting along… and its tracesof it in my work.”

Her ‘More Than Once’is a work inspired from, one among the manyaspects of our religious rituals- ‘Chanting’. Chanting aparticular verse or a word, a mantra many times, which unconsciously penetrates into one’s self, andbecomes a part of them by course of time. Chanting is done to efface the ‘I’ and become one with the universe. Concentrating on the chant and the repetition allows one to travelfrom the mere surface to various depths, which as anact itself is a very powerful one. Her pick for a body for her chanting (repetition) is the dot. She explores, inserts, extends, applies and extrapolates the dot to the various objects and scenarios she sees in this world – material , people, emotions…just to name a few. The artist has created for herself innumerable possibilities of successfully rendering her idea of the chant by involving various media.

Both of these series of works have one central theme – it is a journey of self-discovery but look quite different at the first glance. An in-depth analysis can help the viewer see the content and the conversation Anamika creates through these pieces.

Widely exhibited, winner of several awards and having made it to eminent private and public collector’s homes and work spaces worldwide, Anamika is an artist who can hold her own among her contemporaries on an international platform. The roots and character of her pieces are distinctly Chennai school but with a variance that is the sole proprietorship of the artist. Her uncanny ability to move from broad strokes to minute dots, from an avalanche of colours to mediating on a single hue quite remarkably and unexpectedly is what lends her art voice and freshness. The unpredictability in her art can keep the viewer engrossed for a very long time.

Burma Rising

April 29th – May 14th 2017

Burma Rising | First Contemporary Art Show from Myanmar in Boston

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